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> Another way of putting it would be that he does have
> a handle on Absolute
> Truth, but that that doesn’t qualify him as an
> authority on all matters of
> relative truth.

And this is when the "cult-like" quality enters
in the TMO. People handover their authority over their
own experience to another (MMY/TMO) under the
erroneous assumption that there is a "perfect" or
objectively "correct" way to live their life. This is
an infantile wish of the "perfect parent" being
projected and acted out. The TMO, at least in my
experience in the USA, strongly encourages this, but
ironically MMY doesn't engage in this on a one-to-one
level. When people ask MMY what they should do in a
particular situation many times he'll ask what they
think they should do and then he'll say," Do that."

That happened to me once. I asked MMY whether I should marry my girlfriend and handed him a photo of her. He looked at it for a long time without saying anything. Finally I said, “Perhaps I should decide,” and he said, “Yes, you should decide.” Amma often gives personal advice, quite astute IMO, but people get carried away with it. I was in the darshan line this summer and the guy in front of me held a note that read, “Amma, should so-and-so (someone’s name) continue to pursue legal action against her uncles?” __._,_.___

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