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> Just remember that UC and BC are states of perception. So it is not 
> difficult for any of us to percieve any of those states and to live 
> that way permanently. 

And this is your personal experience in living in  stabilized BC?

Is this MMY's BC? his criteria and attributes? Or another's? Yuors

> You are probably making a bigger deal out of 
> it than it is. 

And perhaps you are making a lesser detail out of it. 

> BC is just a clearer sight of reality than is UC than 
> is GC than is CC. Nothing more than that.

Its interesting people with different experiences and different
interpretation of those experiences. For example, I once paraphrased
Peter on how he felt CC was a baby step. Tom Traynor appeared to
explode at that simple comment.  Overflowing on and on about why there
was nothing minor or baby about CC. Implying, perhaps being explicit,
GC, UC, BC were major events beyond the major CC. And yet you (appear
to) interpret BC as "no big deal" (my paraphrase of your implication).


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