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> >
> > > I wasn't there, of course, but just from your quote
> > > I wouldn't be sure he was referring to attuning
> > > yourselves to his thinking in any case, so much as
> > > that eventually you would all be in the same state
> > > of consciousness he was.
> > 
> > In my honest and long-considered opinion, 
> > all of Maharishi's students have *always* 
> > been in the same state of consciousness 
> > as he is -- normal old waking state. The
> > problems arise when one or more of the
> > students start to achieve what the teacher 
> > never has.
> <snore>

P.S.: Notice, once again, that Barry has conflated
"What MMY sez..." (or in this case, "What MMY
may have meant...") with "What MMY sez is true."

It's really a very obvious distinction, but Barry
simply cannot seem to make it.

Could that be because the former gives him no
opportunity to recycle his old MMY-is-a-fraud-
and-you-stupid-TBs-believe-him mantras?

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