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> Thank you for a well thought out and insightful posting.
> Myself, I haven't applied to this course.  Not because I wouldn't 
> want to...I would just LOVE to participate in a program with 1,000 
> other people...it would be, simply, wonderful.
> And it's not that I would be excluded unless having the occasional 
> Sunday night dinner at the Hare Krishna temple or attending weekly 
> yoga classes are punishable offenses...gee, anyone think that 
> they WOULD be if I put them down on the form?>>>

Dude, don't put them down on the form. 
You are the boss of life --- no-one else !

> It's just that I would be extemely uncomfortable OUTSIDE the Dome, 
> say, in the dining room or the lecture hall where the inevitable 
> conversations would come up about the TMO and MMY and I would to 
> hear stuff that I totally disagree with...things that I am 
> fundamentally opposed to.>>>

I have nothing against TMO, but I am sure I would offend a bunch of 
them... no problem.

> It is, admittedly, my own weakness ///snip///system.  Yes, I know 
> that the TM Program is a do-it-yourself program and I shouldn't 
> to rely on an outside organisation or "like-minded peers"...and I 
> able to survive on my own.
> But it's damn lonely.  And, yes, I do feel resentment towards the 
> TMO and MMY for putting me in this position.
> MMY and the TMO should be supporting ME and not the cult that the 
> TMO has grown into, nor those that have enabled it to become a 
> People like ME should be the priority.>>>

Good point, but I am afraid to say the ANY organisation that tries 
to be something other than a loose grouping, is BOUND to become an 
obnoxious place to be for the likes of you and I. 
It is innevitable. 
However, you can just realise that you are a man of Tao.

Confucious was walking along the river bank with his disciples when 
they noticed an old man in the wild rapids, they saw him go under 
the raging waters and wanted to save him, but to their astonishment 
he surfaced a ways downstream and easily stepped from the water as 
if having taken a morning dip in a bath. The students amazed asked 
him "Old Sir, how were you able to survive these deadly waters, were 
you not hurt?"

No, replied the old man, I am a man of Tao, and I swim with the ebb 
and flow of the world.


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