--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "geezerfreak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > 
> > > Good lord people....the paranoia! 
> > 
> > Paranoia? In the comments direcly above? Oh My.
> >
> No New Morning, not the post "direcly" above....

Ok, I didn't think so. But since your comment directly followed mine,I
had to ask. You seemed too grounded to see "paranoia everywhere". 

>I was refering to the
> string for chrissakes. 

Understood. But yes, there is "paranoia" in some threads (plain
insanity in others :)) , --or more broadly, IMO, there are some quite
odd claims by some. Some claim UC/BC/"enlightenment", and proclaim
special powers from their "enlightenment". One proclaims the ability
to clearly distinguish "energy signitures" of posters. So its amusing,
if not bizzzare, when he says you and Barry are the same.

>Nice post the other day 


>about....what was the
> title? "Innocence" Anyway, you know the one. I have to print that 
> one out and  really digest it.

It has some points to ponder, but is not "tricky" to understand, as in
"complex." Its really about the honest "innocence" view you had in
after your first and each subsequent meditation. Just seeing what is.
Not seeing all the stuff in your mind projecting out on to the simple
innocence of the world as it is.

Ironically, I don't see that innocence of view manifesting in those
who proclaim UC/BC.  Quite the opposite actually. Huge snakes are seen
 when there is simple rope, or nothing, there.  Yet saints I know and
love all have the innocence of view. Over flowing.

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