On Sat, 2003-10-04 at 11:02, Peyman wrote:
> It doesn't mean that the academy shouldn't do anything
> but in its correct way i.e. coining words firstly for
> the very new words like "Tokomak" which has not yet
> been publicly used and after gaining the control over
> stuff like this reviewing old borrowed words.

Well, the Academy is trying hard to help mass production of new terms.
They have guidelines on how to translate an foreign term, and want their
words be considered as an example of what has reached consensus, and now
can be stabilized. These will be used in public media and public
education, then.

But they can't translate new terms, since one can hardly reach consensus
on them, when one hasn't seen them in Persian context. Translating new
terms, is what translators and tutors should do (possibly using the help
the Academy guidelines provide).

> Any way, there is a lot of argument on these issues
> and it needs professional discussions.

I agree very much.


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