On Sat, 4 Oct 2003, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

> On Sat, 2003-10-04 at 10:31, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> > I wish they had invented a new word for that.  Think about that:
> > "neshaanak": "kaaf-e tahghir" attached to a common word.  They
> > are bounding a wider phrase to a narrow meaning, but with
> > "raayaane" it's the other way.
> I don't agree with naming that postfix "kaaf-e tahghir". It has wider
> usage: "morghak" (a "little" bird, not a petty or poor one), "chizak" (a
> "small amount" of a thing), "azizak" (a "dear" dear), "ghaltak" (a
> "tool" that rolls), "poshtak" (a back-related "action"), "zardak" (a
> yellow fruit), "sorkhak" (a reddening disease), ...

As far as I know "kaaf-e tahghir" does not mean something poor,
but something small, like your "chizak".  The other kind of
"kaaf" I know is "kaaf-e ezzat", as your examples "azizak",
"kanizak", and sometimes both of them are meant, like in

> > Do so please then.
> I guess they're using the "-ak" postfix in the tool sense (like
> "ghaltak"). So it comes to mean "abzaar-e neshaane-gozaari". Still not
> convinced?

So you mean "ghaltak" means "abzaar-e ghalt-zadan"??  You didn't
got my argument about assigning a wider phrase to the narrow
"computer-related" word.  The physical bookmark, and virtual
browser-related bookmark are both "abzaar-e neshaane-gozaari",
and as for "abzaar", the physical one is much more a tool.  Got

> BTW, a latest list of everything official or semi-official
> (computer-related) is here:
> http://www.isi.org.ir/farhangestan/fh-gn.htm

Unfortunately I'm loosing my last hopes on them.  I can't fight
for all these silly funny words (just a few of them are quoted):

  * database -> "daadegaan"
  * ftp -> "ghaap"
  * redo -> "az no"
  * scroll -> "navardidan"!

And their inconsistencies:

  * interface -> "vaaset, miaanaa"
  * Graphical User Interface -> "miaanaa-ye ..."
    (miana is the second choice for interface)


  * output -> "boroondaad"
  * output (device) -> "khorooji"
    (Isn't "khorooji" also a noun in Persian?)

They never bothered themselves to identify nouns and verbs in
their list.

> roozbeh

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