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> BEHnam,
> Another for you from the Arabic-L list.
> (I'm also glad to see someone else noting that what is SMALL fontsize
> in English is WAY TOO SMALL in Perso-Arabic.)
> -Connie
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> Date: 17 Nov  2003
> From:Albrecht Hofheinz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject:Panther and Arabic
> As I have now taken the leap and installed Panther, I can at least
> partly answer my own question.
> Camino 0.7 and Firebird 0.7 both render vocalized text well-connected.
> Camino, however, has a new problem (or at least one that I hadn't
> previously noticed): it inserts a angle bracket (? not sure about the
> name: >) after each laam-alif ligature. Haven't had time for extensive
> testing, but just wish to report this. Firebird doesn't have this
> problem, so for now Firebird would appear to be the browser of choice
> for Arabic under Panther.
> Otherwise, I'm pleased to say that not only are we now approaching
> better legibility of Arabic web pages (you have to increase the font
> size, though), but that -- as others have reported -- Panther is also
> noticeably snappier than Jaguar -- finally an OS X system where I don't
> have to curse the speed of my iBook/500. Upgrading went smoothly for
> me. If you want to try for yourself, be sure to backup your important
> files, repair permissions, and read about the FireWire issues before
> you do; do an archive and install; and upgrade to 10.3.1 immediately
> after installing 10.3, and before using external FireWire drives. Once
> everything is upgraded, repair permissions again, and start working.
> Albrecht Hofheinz

Thanks Connie,

I'm also glad that you received my last message. I don't recall it being
posted in FarsiWeb. I may have send it to the wrong address.
By the way, sorry for mix-up. In your last message I thought the forwarded
text was from you, therefore I assumed you understood French. So I didn't
bother to translate the French quote. All it says is that Apple's Mail can
now support right to left writing.

My Panther's box is sitting on my desk for weeks now. I don't install it
before finishing with my fonts. I don't want to mess my programs and
settings by this installation. Based on what Albrecht Hofheinz is saying, it
seems that I did a good thing!

About the font size, the problem is that there is no criteria about what a
font of let say size 12 should look like. It's also true for English fonts
but at least they remain within a reasonable expectation. But with Farsi
fonts, when you choose size 12, from font to font the appearance can be
enormously different. I try to rectify this problem with the fonts I'm
working with (or at least reduce the differences) but there seems to be no
rule or convention in this regard.


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