On Sun, 2 Nov 2003, Behnam wrote:

> Behdad,
> > First of all:  There are two Behnam's on this list interested in
> > font issues!
> >
> Not to mention many more people with names starting or ending with "beh"!
> (like Connie for example !!)

That Connie case is an exception (do they say "beh beh" instead
of "bah bah" in Ghazvini?).

> > Well, here is the problem, as Behnam Esfahbod mentioned earlier,
> > the isolated letters (those that do not join to the left or right
> > letters) and Persian YE and KE are those that are drawn with the
> > small (bitmap?) font.
> >
> > And here is my explanation of the cause of the problem (just
> > guessing from the symptoms, but pretty sure that's it):  First,
> > the correct font (big one) do not have glyphs for Persian Ye and
> > Ke letters.  And second one should be in the engine:  The
> > isolated glyphs are shared between Arabic block (0600) and
> > Arabic Presentation Forms B (FB00) in the font, and Mozilla and
> > any other Arabic shaping engine maps the isolated letters to the
> > Forms B block, but the rendering engine refuses to draw them, as
> > its simply using the glyph for the 0600 codepoint.  It should be
> > pretty simple to hack a workaround in the Mozilla codebase.  Send
> > me an iBook and I will do that in a week.
> >
> I guess you got it right. I don't understand the programming part but I'm
> familiar with Arabic Presentation Forms.
> Let's hope Panther did the needed work. It's more practical than sending you
> an iBook. Besides, I have a desktop computer!

I guess using a bitmap font instead solves the issue, as bitmap
fonts usually do not share glyphs.

> A friend of mine in Italy  has Panther installed and he told me that
> everything on his browser is now appearing normal with the exception of
> dotted Yeh, which I don't think is related to the same issue.

That's from the page itself.

> Thanks,
> Behnam


PS.  Doesn't feel quite bad when you sign your emails with Joe,
AND people see that you are not so dumb!
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