On Sun, 2 Nov 2003, C Bobroff wrote:

> > Not to mention many more people with names starting or ending with "beh"!
> > (like Connie for example !!)
> Now that is the one fault I don't have!
> Maybe one from among BEHnam (A and B), BEHdad, RoozBEH could change his
> name to Joe??
> > > pretty simple to hack a workaround in the Mozilla codebase.  Send
> > > me an iBook and I will do that in a week.
> "Joe Esfahbod's Mac Repair Shop". I like it!

Actually yesterday I sent something about Mac's on my English
blog at http://mces.blogspot.com/

Perhaps Joe Esfahbod and Company....   Hummm, aren't you going to
choose a proper English name?  One that adopts your name in

> -Connie


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