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I read this discussion today and I made a guess that may seem so funny.

If this page is rendered with OpenType font, I think the problem for
isolated forms is related to "cmap" table of the font.
Because Arabic Range ( U+06XX ) shares same glyphs with Arabic
Presentation From-A for isolated form of characters, it's so common in
OpenType fonts to not include Arabic Presentation isolated form of a
character in the "cmap" table.
Font developers just use the "isol" feature of GSUB in OpenType.
You can see this in Arabic Volt Font (ArabTypeSetting).
That it...

Mehran and i will recommend in "Farsi OpenType Font Specification" that
fonts should include all Arabic Presentation Form characters in "cmap"
table and all the glyphs mapped in "cmap" should be unique.

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Soheil Hassas Yeganeh
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