Gene Heskett wrote:

I've been with redhat/fedora for a bit over 10 years now for my main machine. When F8 support ends, I think that will be grounds for a divorce. I'm tired of the "keep the good stuff on the other side of the pond for legal reasons" BS that is endlessly repeated from Research Triangle Park. Why the hell should we be 2nd class citizens?

This "issue" has been discussed ad nauseum on this list.

What is your solution? Does Red Hat allow the Fedora Project to include all the bits and subject themselves to litigation? Not include anything related to multimedia? Point their users to places to pick things up...and subject themselves to litigation?

It sounds like Fedora doesn't meet your needs. If that is the case, then it is OK to move. I seriously doubt Red Hat will change its position for you...unless you offer to pay any and all legal fees as well as all judgments against them.

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