On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 10:02 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I've been with redhat/fedora for a bit over 10 years now for my main 
> > machine.  
> > When F8 support ends, I think that will be grounds for a divorce.  I'm 
> > tired 
> > of the "keep the good stuff on the other side of the pond for legal 
> > reasons" 
> > BS that is endlessly repeated from Research Triangle Park.  Why the hell 
> > should we be 2nd class citizens?
> This "issue" has been discussed ad nauseum on this list.

Yeah, with you providing the nauseum part of it.
> What is your solution?  Does Red Hat allow the Fedora Project to include all 
> the bits and subject themselves to litigation?  Not include anything related 
> to multimedia?  Point their users to places to pick things up...and subject 
> themselves to litigation?

Litigation from who, exactly?  Who is going to sue RH for providing a
service that makes the OS actually function correctly after decades of
development?  Time is up, we are into the epoch of absurdity with the
question of functionality.  The only thing breaching the functionality
issue is a dumbass ideology that needs to be decided in court.

IF there needs to be a court battle to put the os in the people's favor
with other-licensed software, then that's a battle that needs to be
fought.  Your argument is that someone has the means or motivation to
stop functionality from being added to Fedora via another license; I
sincerely doubt that, but so what if that's the case?  If the battle
needs to be fought then it needs to be fought and no amount of hand
wringing  or head hiding from you will change that fact.

After decades of development, this ideology has no more excuses.  It is
now a barrier to the people, stopping other-licensed technology from
making the os usable.  Ubuntu has been put forward as a concrete
example.  It's the GNU Flagellants that are in the way of progress, not
anyone else.


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