On Wednesday 13 August 2008, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
>On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 5:51 PM, Gene Heskett 
>> I've been with redhat/fedora for a bit over 10 years now for my main
>> machine.
>> When F8 support ends, I think that will be grounds for a divorce.  I'm
>> tired
>> of the "keep the good stuff on the other side of the pond for legal
>> reasons"
>> BS that is endlessly repeated from Research Triangle Park.  Why the hell
>> should we be 2nd class citizens?
>Do you have the time to actively maintain a fork of ffmpeg that uses a
>mature runtime detectable plugin framework that allows us to separate out
>specifically encumbered bits from the bits of ffmpeg that we can ship?
>Because that is exactly what its going to take.
>A lot of applications sit on top of ffmpeg and ffmpeg is structured that you
>have to make compile time choices as to what sort of functionality it
>exposes. We could include a crippled ffmpeg stack and the applications which
>make use of it that let us work with a subset of codecs but because of
>ffmpeg's lack of runtime functionality detection..those applications could
>not be supplimented with additional codec support via plugins from
>So as a result we dont include anything which needs ffmpeg as a build time
>dependancy, because we have been reluctant to provide cut down applications
>which can not be supplimented with plugins for additional functionality.
>Sucks.. but the ffmpeg developers made a framework chose that is incredibly

I wasn't aware of that aspect of it.

>Unlike xine...unlike gstreamer. If you want mature video editting in
>Fedora..support new application codebases which make use of gstreamer as a
>framework and do not directly relying on ffmpeg. pitivi could use some solid
>developer love.

Can gstreamer do what an offshore ffmpeg can?  I think not, regardless of how 
much better it can handle plugins, you would still be removing those bits 
that actually make it work.  Also, gstreamer, which might be somebodies pet 
for all I know, seems to do weird things that require a tap on the reset 
button here, so AFAIAC, its not ready for prime time either.

Whats a 'pitivi'?


Thanks Jef

Cheers, Gene
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