Susan, Thank you! I had treated a dog once for
heartworms and until this discussion being opened up
regarding heartworms in cats, had just assumed it
would be about the same thing. I do not like giving my
cats chemicals, each month, unless I might actually
see a flea, for example. I was surprised to discover a
cat cannot be treated for heartworms once infected by
disease, the same as a dog. I did know cat's
resistance was better and had always counted on
that... I guess now, heartworms is becoming another
thing we need to be worrying about for our cats...I'll
be sharing this info. with friends... I do know
heartworm disease in becoming more prevalent every
year in the United States. The dog I dealt with was a
dog I had rescued in Hawaii. He had a bad case. I had
him treated and he became negative. I thought it would
be the same for cats... In Hawaii, because the
incidence of heartworms is so high, I did keep my dog
on preventatives...I would do the same here, for dogs,
on the mainland now, as it is getting so common... I
will now be considering it for my cats next
summer...Thanks, Glenda
--- Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi gang, 
> Funny, we were also discussing heartworms on another
> list today.
> Here is a link that was sent to me, I have not
> reviewed it, so, let me know what you think.
> Susan -  Found this website that seems to have loads
> of cat info on heartworm.  The video/animation is
> pretty cool.
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