Thank you for getting back to me and everyone else
I have run across that type of thinking before at a
shelter in Wisconsin...I found it on
It is called: The Home for Endangered and Lost Pets. 
This was during the time I was hunting for
Polydactyls, having a kitty foot fetish, like I do,
was extra horrified. I followed up and complained to
them and directed them to some of the declaw
information sites...I was told they were set on their
beliefs and felt cats were just more adoptable if they
were declawed before being offered for adoption. They
would declaw when the kitty was altered. They were all
excited about the new laser procedure and were led to
believe, by their vet, that it was a kinder way to
perform the operation...The way I understand declawing
it is amputation any way you spell it...The second toe
joint,right ? 
It is not like most uninformed people think, just
removing the toenails...It can cause life long pain,
balance problems, low self esteem and can affect the
leg muscles , because kitties cannot exercise their
legs properly...This is what they are doing when they
scratch posts, etc...not just sharpening their
claws...The leg muscles shrivel up in the legs...AND
kitties feel with their toe tips and experience life
examining items, mice, etc. 
Oh well, Sherry, just had to mention all these things
for those reading this that have not really looked
into the declawing issues...
Now back to your site. It is beautifully done and the
kitties are stunning...wish I had more room and more
money...Someday a cat lady will win a 3-million $
lottery and watch out! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE LIKE THAT WIN
 Anyway, now, when you mention a kitty's name, some of
us that are new, like me, can go find him... I can
tell, Crash Landing is seriously a loving place with
obviously the best intentions...Maybe as more people
learn what declawing really is more people will not
opt for declawed kitties and be willing to do a couple
simple things to teach their cat where he is able to
exercise his feet and legs and where he cannot and
pick up a scratcher, some catnip and some kitty
repellent spray...? Thank you again for all you do
Sherry and thank you for answering my questions...A
quick thought on the featured kitty with only one eye:
I think she probably would get too close to the edge
of the litter box and having only one eye, would see
things a bit off center. Try closing one of your eyes
and see what I mean...Just a thought...
 Thank you,
--- Sherry DeHaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi Glenda thank you for checking out Crashs.I first
> of all want to say that I too am not one for
> declawing!! As some of our rescue cats do come in
> already declawed and yes they are declawed if they
> are not too old.As much as I hate to say it,people
> (unlike you and I) would prefer to adopt cats
> already declawed. :( Also think about over 100 cats
> living under the same roof.Most get along but there
> could be many bad wounds from fights. Like I said I
> believe as does Jen the lady that runs the places
> that ALOT of cats are discarded out into the streets
> because they claw the furniture and etc. And they
> don't take the time to try and train them to do
> differently.I clip all my cats claws myself.I
> personally don't like it.But I can't tell her how to
> run her shelter :(  I respect ALL that Jen does for
> the over 200 cats that she takes in and can't say
> anything bad about what she does.I am sorry if it
> hurts you and I respect your opinion.Thanks for your
> good wishes on our sweet
>  Brian.Oh,also all 4 of my boys came from Sids and
> they are beautiful and healthy!!! If you go back and
> look up Mystique at Sids,she is probably my next
> baby to bring home since I lost my beautiful
> Genevieve.Also in the tabbies at Crashs check out
> Honeysuckle.I rescued her and her 5 kittens from my
> backyard.My boyfriend has the kittens at his
> house,we are trying to get homes for them.
>   Sherry
> glenda Goodman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Sherry,
> I clicked your site. I found Brian in the Sids
> Sanctuary. What a little angel. I see he started out
> with ear mites, so he is apparently just having a
> terrible time getting his ears cleared up,
> infections,etc.
> After reading the introduction to Crashlanding, of
> course it was so beautiful, it made me cry...I went
> next to Tabbies, my weakness and clicked on a few of
> your guys there, like Bennie and those
> guys...I see Brut is FIV...Well then I realized
> everyone had been declawed , everyone that was not
> FeLV+. My heart just sank! Is that their policy? If
> it
> is my heart is as broken for the guys that are FeLV-
> as for the guys that are FeLV+. 
> Please let me know what is going on there with the
> declawing or please tell me it was a computer
> glitch. 
> Thank you Sherry. I do appreciate seeing where you
> are
> helping our poor little guys and my first impression
> is it is a first rate outfit...I am however, one of
> those people that is every bit as mortified of
> declawing as any cat might be...I hope they can
> someday realize that declawing is not a good thing
> to
> do to a cat...
> God bless little Brian and you too, for all you do. 
> Sincerely, Glenda
> --- Sherry DeHaan wrote:
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