Many people on this list mix fiv and felv positive cats.  With no transmission 
I might add.  Could you ask your questions in a less confrontational manner?

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  This shelter does not separate fiv+ and felv+.....?
  What kind of place is this?
  Why would you expose a fiv+ cat to felv?
  And vice versa?
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  Hi Glenda,isn't she georgeous!!! :) We do not separate the felv and the fiv.I 
wish we had the space to do so.Until I become one of those crazy cat ladies 
that win the lottery it will have to do!! :) I myself have 3 fiv+ boys and one 
boy that tested felv+ when he first arrived to Sids and then 1 1/2 years later 
tested negative for anything.Then I brought Genevieve home back in April,she 
was felv+.I risked it because my heart told me to bring that baby girl home to 
love her as much as possible.AND I DID!! I am getting choked up just writing 
about her.It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since she left us. :(
  You did not offend me in anyway,I just get a  bit uneasy when it comes to 
that subject.
  Thank you for checking out the fur kids.
  Sherry and her fur baby boys  Rafferty,CousCous,Xander and Tristan

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