Right now I know of another shelter that has 100+cats living cage free under 
one roof that are not declawed.

Any of them.

There have not been any serious cat fights or injuries, either.

Declawing is nothing more than a mutilation.

And it should be illegal.

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  Hi Glenda thank you for checking out Crashs.I first of all want to say that I 
too am not one for declawing!! As some of our rescue cats do come in already 
declawed and yes they are declawed if they are not too old.As much as I hate to 
say it,people (unlike you and I) would prefer to adopt cats already declawed. 
:( Also think about over 100 cats living under the same roof.Most get along but 
there could be many bad wounds from fights. Like I said I believe as does Jen 
the lady that runs the places that ALOT of cats are discarded out into the 
streets because they claw the furniture and etc. And they don't take the time 
to try and train them to do differently.I clip all my cats claws myself.I 
personally don't like it.But I can't tell her how to run her shelter :(  I 
respect ALL that Jen does for the over 200 cats that she takes in and can't say 
anything bad about what she does.I am sorry if it hurts you and I respect your 
opinion.Thanks for your good wishes on our sweet Brian.Oh,also all 4 of my boys 
came from Sids and they are beautiful and healthy!!! If you go back and look up 
Mystique at Sids,she is probably my next baby to bring home since I lost my 
beautiful Genevieve.Also in the tabbies at Crashs check out Honeysuckle.I 
rescued her and her 5 kittens from my backyard.My boyfriend has the kittens at 
his house,we are trying to get homes for them.

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