Well I guess it is either that or just them die without a chance to live at 
all.You can only do so much with what you can.
  So I guess now you think this is a horrible place??
  This place gives them ALL a second chance to have any kind of life at all !!
Believe me I'm sure in a PERFECT world this would be different.
  If you knew everything  the lady that runs both sanctuaries does for these 
wonderful beings,how many times she fought for thier lives(including the fiv 
felv)she brought them home to her house to nurse them back to health.We do the 
best we can.
Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  This shelter does not separate fiv+ and felv+.....?
  What kind of place is this?
  Why would you expose a fiv+ cat to felv?
  And vice versa?
  Susan J. DuBose  >^..^<
                                  "As Cleopatra lay in state,
                                   Faithful Bast at her side did wait,
                                   Purring welcomes of soft applause,
                                   Ever guarding with sharpened claws."
                                             Trajan Tennent
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  From: Sherry DeHaan 
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  Subject: Re: Here is the link

  Hi Glenda,isn't she georgeous!!! :) We do not separate the felv and the fiv.I 
wish we had the space to do so.Until I become one of those crazy cat ladies 
that win the lottery it will have to do!! :) I myself have 3 fiv+ boys and one 
boy that tested felv+ when he first arrived to Sids and then 1 1/2 years later 
tested negative for anything.Then I brought Genevieve home back in April,she 
was felv+.I risked it because my heart told me to bring that baby girl home to 
love her as much as possible.AND I DID!! I am getting choked up just writing 
about her.It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since she left us. :(
  You did not offend me in anyway,I just get a  bit uneasy when it comes to 
that subject.
  Thank you for checking out the fur kids.
  Sherry and her fur baby boys  Rafferty,CousCous,Xander and Tristan

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