Please dont try to save mty feelings.Just don't read anymore of my posts and I 
will do the same!! We are not evil people

Susan Dubose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  You are flattering me, Glenda.

And I know that Sherry puts her soul into helping these cats, and it is not 
her fault that it is ran this way, however, it does not make it "Ok" by any 

We are on this list because we have or had cats that are felv+, and this 
discussion is about someone who is deliberately exposing cats to felv and 

While she runs a shelter and collects donations.

If anyone needs to leave this list, it would be me.

I am applaud by this behavior and cannot even remotely condone it just to 
save someone's feelings.

Susan J. DuBose >^..^<
"As Cleopatra lay in state,
Faithful Bast at her side did wait,
Purring welcomes of soft applause,
Ever guarding with sharpened claws."
Trajan Tennent

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From: "glenda Goodman" 
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 8:36 PM
Subject: ...emotionally charged issues...are rough...

So many of the people here put their heart and soul
and every spare minute possible into helping and
learning about cats/animals.
There are certain basic rules of common sense that
even I have learned in the last few months when it
comes to dealing with these two diseases: FeLV and
There are people here that have taught me a lot and
who I depend on to answer questions that I might have
or that might come up. There are people here with
wonderful hearts that are just here learning the
basics. I sincerely care for them all. We should NEVER
attack each other. WE ARE ALL ONE.
If I were to tell you what grade I am in, as in,
elementary school, as compared to Susan, for example,
I'd say I'm a mere first grader and I'd imagine Susan
might be in high school... light years ahead of me,
but here, we shall call it high school compared to
first grade... high school for knowledge in the
diseases we are dealing with and high school for
experience dealing with animal rescues and shelters
and the different ways of how they do what they do. I
completely respect Susan's take on things and I trust
her experience, admire her spirit...she says it like
it is. I flower things up , but it is all the matter how it is said.
It is important to remember, IT IS ALL FOR THE
If we could sit, as like on a Board of Directors
meeting, we could discuss what would be best for the
animals and maybe compromise somehow and attempt to
see each other's points.
I have tried to keep myself in check, but it has been
difficult when I am seeing everything I have so far
learned here, being turned upside down by this
rescue/shelter or that? I have so far dealt with a
shelter that sent me a FeLV+ cat and butted heads with
a shelter in Wisconsin with the everyone must be
declawed thing going on... Right now the shelter of
discussion is where Sherry gives her heart and soul. I
try so hard to see all sides, but there are times I
just cannot and if you were to ask me, if after I had
just won $300 million in the lottery, who I would
want to organize and run my, big fancy shelter. IT
That is all folks!

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