Thoughts:  vets who see more than one type of animal may be more open to 
ideas.........."well, cats don't normally get this but dogs do and possibly 
this cat picked it up in a 1 in 1000 chance"

Declawing is a volatile but personal issue and may not be a black and white 
issue.  Perhaps it is better to have a really good vet do it and a good follow 
up than to have a vet who isn't so good totally screw it up.

I really have an issue with people who won't let me stay with my little friend. 
 Maybe you can explain this to the vet and work something out?

Frankly, if I had bad feelings about a vet and had an option I would take the 
option.  You may hate yourself if you don't.

                                                 If you have men who will 
exclude any of God's creatures
                                                 from the shelter of compassion 
and pity, you will have men who 
                                                 will deal likewise with their 
fellow man.
                                                                  St. Francis
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  How important is it to you when looking for a vet that it be

  1- a cat only clinic
  2-doesn't declaw
  3 doesn't take your cat 'to the back' to do everything?

  That is what I had and lost.  When Bob got sick last week I took off the 
morning to call and get him in and there was no doctor coming in at all until 
2:00.   So I tried this highly recommended new vet I'm seeing and she seems 
very knowledgeable and thorough, but doesn't meet any of those criteria.  She 
is far away, but they are open until 9:00 every night and Saturday and Sunday.  
That would keep me out of the emergency vets whom I hate..........

  I'm just at a loss as to what to do.  I don't know of any other vets in my 
area that don't declaw.  The new vet at my old vet's office was required not to 
do it as part of the sale of the practice.  But she just does not seem good at 
all, she does everything in the back as well....thus wondering if I should put 
up with these things and use this new vet I feel is very knowledgeable or keep 
looking.   And I have been looking and looking.  :(

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