I'm thinking Innova Evo canned is going to the the highest, without grains of 
course.  Let us know if you find something with more.  I am hoping he doesn't 
have FIP, but be careful of the corona virus titer.  I have seen people say 
here that that is NOT an indication of FIP.  You might look in the archives for 
this.  Getting his infection gone will be the best thing because then you will 
know from his bloodwork what you are really dealing with.  Glad his thyroid is 
normal.  I have seen incorrect thyroid results, where the kitty showed hyperT 
but was not, but it's rare.

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Ok, guys. I just got off the phone with Whitey's vet.  Good news and what could 
potentially be really bad news.   Good news first.

First of all, his Thyroid is normal, which Dr. Dolen says defies logic.  He 
wants to retest in a few weeks.   All his other major organ functions were 
normal...kidneys, liver, thyroid, everything was good.

His WBC were elevated (of course, due probably to the severe ear infection).  
He is chronically anemic (RBC was 25ish).

The thing that concerned Dr. Dolen the most was his elevated Globulin and 
Albumin levels.  His globulin was 8.4, when he says 3ish is the "normal" range, 
so he said that indicated a chronic severe infection.  He's getting the lab to 
run an  FIP titer on the blood sample they have from the other tests, so we'll 
know something about that in about a week.  He says either the ear infection 
was so horribly bad that its a miracle he's still alive (to have caused such an 
elevated globulin level) or he has FIP.  I'm certainly hoping its the ear 
infection, something we can work with.  Any of you guys have experience with 
FIP?  I understand its deadly, usually within weeks of symptoms, but I was 
wondering about the "human" aspect of it..what have YOU guys  experienced with 

He recommended high protein kitten food for him right now.  He said the more 
protein the better...canned tuna, chicken, whatever has the most protein.  I'm 
going to go by a local natural pet food store on my way home from work that 
carries premium kitten foods.  Also interested if any of you know what the 
absolute highest nutritional content wet food would be?  I'm thinking Innova 
kitten food in a can, maybe wellness kitten food?  Anyway, more updates when I 
get them.


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