First time I've ever heard of that protocol.  Mostly I've heard 7 days on and 
seven days off because they can develop an immunity to the human interferon 

Can't see why it would harm a diabetic cat. However, that's just a guess on my 

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         Got this from a friend, anyone know or heard anything about this??

       I have a feline interferon question.  If you don't know the answer, 
would you mind asking the group? I followed the prophylactic regimen 
recommended in studies for asymptomatic felv+ cats, which is every day for five 
days in three runs starting the 1st, 14th, and 60th days. This regimen in 
studies seems to double cats' chances of being alive a year later. I gave it to 
Patches this past February. I have another batch of feline interferon and am 
wondering when to give it to her again. None of the studies I have say anything 
about repeating it, or when to do so. Do you know? Also, I can't find anything 
on whether it is ok to give to diabetic cats. Any idea?

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