I just wanted to second this, Jane.? Regardless of people's feelings for Susan 
OR Kelly, the fact remains that this story was done by a reputable news 
organization.?The story isn't "made up."?I highly doubt?a news organization 
would use fabricated stories.???The media is, by its nature, supposed to be 
impartial reporters of facts.?The video footage isn't "made up," and I just 
find it hard to believe the humane society (or any other organization for that 
matter) would remove animals without justification.? AND add to that the fact 
that the animals *were* removed, and obviously with enough evidence that the 
judge ordered their removal to be permanent.? Of course, some people will see 
what they want to see in the situation. Some will side with both parties.? But 
I think the important thing to remember is a) they would not likely have 
removed the animals without just cause and b) a judge certainly wouldn't have 
allowed them to stay removed without justification.? If you don't believe 
anyone involved in the story, logic would demand that you trust the impartial 
judge in the case to have made the right decision in not allowing any more 
animals back in the home (with the exception of three personal cats).

I echo the sentiments?of those of you that?pray for healing.? For the kitties, 
and for Kelly, as well as anyone else who's involved in this, emotionally or 
physically.? Its a tough situation.? But lets not attack each other, or 
discredit any stories because of the source.? You seriously need to consider 
the content of the material (including what I'm sure is public record if anyone 
wants to obtain a copy from the Courthouse) and not the messenger.


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This is a very disturbing report. When and how does "rescue" morph into abuse 
and unspeakable neglect?

This is a tragedy that has unfolded before all of us. I am sickened by the 
details and the silence that surrounds this.

I hope that each one of these cats will get the attention and care that they 
deserve. I hope everyone involved in

supporting or perpetuating this "rescue" will deal with reality of the 
aberration and deception behind it. I hope

that Kelley can give up caring for cats until she gets the spiritual, emotional 
and psychological help she needs to care for herself.

Jane Lyons

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