I didn't even have to finish reading what you wrote because I think you meant this email for Susan, opps I forgot she is a friend of yours. I was not attacking you in any way I simply stated a fact Dan Rather was fired for putting a story on that was false and made up without checking the facts or the sources and being a judge or vet or any other professional doesn't make anyone automatically an honest person. I am not a negative person so I don't have a clue where that came from. Get your facts straight before you post nonsense please ....

PS. Maybe you can point out to me where exactly I attacked you in this post???

PSS. Susan is the bully, opps forgot again she is a friend of yours ... darn gotta remember that!!

OH really how about the high and mighty Dan Rather getting fired over a story that was completely fabricated, come on open your eyes the news is very baised about what they report and they love to twist things to be the way they want them to be ...
regardless of people's feelings for Susan OR Kelly, the fact remains that this story was done by a reputable news organization. The story isn't "made up."
*PS. * With all the political corruptness in the world how can you be so naive? Just because someone is a judge or vet or any other professional doesn't make them honest.
If you don't believe anyone involved in the story, logic would demand that you trust the impartial judge in the case to have made the right decision in not allowing any more animals back in the home (with the exception of three personal cats).
I stand by what I said, when they do a story here where I live in Washington about this type of thing, they show the inside of the house they raid and back up what they are saying.

It's funny how Susan has been absent from the list until she had someone to tear apart again. Speaks volumes ...
I know and even belong to groups like this and they moderate everyone that may not see things the way they do so a lot of posts don't get through, no thanks.

Does this group not have a moderator? I assure you, as small as my group is, this kind of thing is not and would not be tolerated. You have been so negative. Both here and on other lists we are both on. I don't get it. I don't understand how this type of behavior is benefitting you. What do you get out of it?
Any judge who thought there was a real problem and was a serious animal lover wouldn't have given ANY of the animals back if he/she thought the person was a danger to them, at least I would hope that is the case.

How the hell is it so easy to look over the fact that a judge agreed with animal control on the situation? Contrary to what you want to believe, I seriously doubt animal control had a vendetta against Kelly.
Actually I think they had to cover their own butt but I won't go into it because no matter what I say, it is not going to mesh with Susan's story so therefore can't be true.

Never said I didn't like her, don't know her, only what I see of her on this list and she is a trouble maker period, where has she been for 6 months until she could start bashing someone?

Oh and by the way, I accidentally posted that to the list because your right I wouldn't do that on a public forum so for that I apologize, for the fact that what I said is true I don't.
I hope that email you sent to Jim gets some attention, indeed, because I absolutely will be unsubscribing after this.
Where you at the hearing Michael or are you repeating what someone told you?? Just curious.

Oh and I guess your list isn't bashing the hell out of Kelley with no proof or verdict yet is it, ya that's the American way isn't it???

I'm a very spiritual person and like to believe in the American way that everyone is innocent UNTIL PROVEN guilty, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore in America.

PSSSS. There really wasn't anything too detailed about that video I must say.


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