You know, I'm going to try and breathe and count to ten before I respond to 
this post.? Actually, no, I don't think I will.? I posted an emotionally 
neutral, nonspecific post in response to that rubbish you've been spouting off, 
and you attack me. Prepare thyself for my response.? You, and a couple of 
others on this list, seem to try and bully everyone else into thinking the way 
you do.? I don't think you have the cat's best interest at heart.? I think you 
have your "clique" in your sights, the people you like for whatever reason, and 
the hell with everything else, including the facts.

Does this group not have a moderator?? I assure you, as small as my group is, 
this kind of thing is not and would not be tolerated.? You have been so 
negative.? Both here and on other lists we are both on.? I don't get it.? I 
don't understand how this type of behavior is benefitting you. What do you get 
out of it?

How the hell is it so easy to look over the fact that a judge agreed with 
animal control on the situation?? Contrary to what you want to believe, I 
seriously doubt animal control had a vendetta against Kelly.? Or anyone else 
for thatmatter.? I don't know who the hell you think you are, but let me state 
very clearly for you I don't personlly care what you, or anyone else on this 
list who defends that type of hoarding, says or thinks about me.?My *only* 
concern is?for the safety, health and welfare of ALL of God's little 
creatures...what you think of me for that is of no consequence to me. Quite 
frankly, you're? just not important?enough to matter.?How dare you call *me* 
naive?? What's funny to me is you choose to be so damn?conspiracy theorist?as 
to say "the judge is corrupt, animal control is corrupt, the news is corrupt, 
they're all out to get poor little Kelly"? Jesus, Lady.? What kind of world are 
you living in?? You can stand by whatever you want to.? I hope that email you 
sent to Jim gets some attention, indeed, because I absolutely will be 
unsubscribing after this.? I don't need to have to listen to people like you.? 
I have enough of a real life and real issues to deal with without putting up 
with this insanity.

It is NOT ok for someone to use this group as a fundraising campaign, and then 
have two (all I've seen so far is two, that should tell you something) people 
defending her and trying to crush any opposing viewpoint.? You think that shows 
maturity to email the list owner and ask on a public forum for someone to be 
removed because you don't like them??? I'll copy the list owner as well, just 
so I'll feel important and special too.? You can believe whoever you want and 
whatever you want, but so far the evidence has been provided by animal control 
and not Kelly (at least I haven't seen any pictures of a clean house either, 
have you?)? I don't know Sheila, or Susan personally, but I know Sheila's 
sanctuary took in 15 of the cats.? What have YOU Done to help the situation 
other than spout off?

Ya know what, bottom line is there are too many other useful sources of 
information out there to put up with people like you who try to police a group 
(without ANY official standing whatsoever).? I really do hope this group owner 
pays some attention to what's been going on, and sets some ground rules.? I 
never once, not from the beginning, sided with anyone on this issue, but I am 
sick and tired of seeing people like Belinda continually attack people they? 
don't agree with.

Again, I'll close with this, anyone interested in joining another (very small) 
group that IS moderated, have a look at:
And in the interest of full disclosure, this is my group that I started after 
the last blowup here, and it is moderated by mysef, but I assure?you, no 
dissenting opinions are attacked or silenced there as they have notoriously 
been here.

A very disgusted and disappointed FeLV+ cat owner,

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From: Belinda Sauro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 2:46 pm
Subject: Re: detailed video of seizure

?? OH really how about the high and mighty Dan Rather getting fired over a 
story that was completely fabricated, come on open your eyes the news is very 
baised about what they report and they love to twist things to be the way they 
want them to be ... 
regardless of people's feelings for Susan OR Kelly, the fact remains that this 
story was done by a reputable news organization.?The story isn't "made up."
PS.? With all the political corruptness in the world how can you be so naive?? 
Just because someone is a judge or vet or any other professional doesn't make 
them honest.

If you don't believe anyone involved in the story, logic would demand that you 
trust the impartial judge in the case to have made the right decision in not 
allowing any more animals back in the home (with the exception of three 
personal cats).
I stand by what I said, when they do a story here about this type of thing, 
they show the inside of the house they raid and back up what they are saying.

It's funny how Susan has been absent from the list until she had someone to 
tear apart again.? Speaks volumes? ...


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