Hi Lance
My vet did research VO and did not encourage me to pursue it. She was
totally focused on Thullium met, which was the homeopathic remedy
they are using in Africa for HIV/Aids.  MeMe had such great success with
the first 30c dose, that I stopped looking at other possibilities. I know that Hideyo keeps it on hand, and have always held that possibility if we are
out of options.

The first dose of Thullium met cleared up the stomatitis, diarrhea, and slowly the URI was completely gone. The final success was her glands became completely
normal. Her energy has been great.

About 8 weeks ago her stools began to soften to the verge of diarrhea. My vet tried 200c's of Thullium met but it did not work. During this time, the stomatitis
has been coming back.

We've just tried the new remedy, so we shall see. My fear has been that the vet trip was going to be a setback. It is such a long trip, and she gets car sick. My vet has insisted that I bring her in so that she can palpitate her stomach. I had to bring her in because of her mouth
and now I am trying to prevent a setback.

I am going back to the vet today with a Scottie and will be able to get the results of her stool
sample (she has had giardia).

Thanks for your help. I'll get some Kitty Kaviar.  It is amazing that
Ember can pop the top off a can. It must be really powerful ...
Ember is 'gifted' kitty ...that's a feat!


On Dec 6, 2007, at 10:36 AM, Lance wrote:

Did your vet(s) ever have any luck looking into Virbagen Omega?
it's expensive, but Paolo (one of the first FeLV+ owners who used VO)
that his cat's stomatitis went away after being given the "standard"
five day
schedule of VO. Does MeMe get human interferon? I don't remember.

Have you ever tried Kitty Kaviar with MeMe? It's just bonito flakes.
have a very powerful smell that really gets Ember worked up. I had to
start putting the can in a drawer after she figured out how to pop the
top off the can and get what she wanted. I came home one night to
find a .5 oz can that was almost new, completely empty. My thinking
and hope is that if MeMe does get another URI some time in the future,
something like Kitty Kaviar would motivate her to eat.

Don't worry about being neurotic. I've been there with Ember. She
a few times, and I start to get watchful. I also don't have any Lysine
for dealing with URIs, which is kind of dumb, now that I think about it.


On Thu, 6 Dec 2007 09:06:18 -0500, "Jane Lyons" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Hi Lance
We gave her the remedy Tuesday night, so I think it is too soon
to judge. She has been eating very well although she sneezed a few
times this morning. That may sound really neurotic, but it took so
long to get rid of her upper respiratory, that the thought of her
back to a runny nose and loss of appetite is scary.

If the remedy works for the stomatitis it is usually a gradual reduction
of the redness and inflammation.

Thanks for thinking of her. I'll let you know how it goes.


On Dec 6, 2007, at 8:15 AM, Lance wrote:


How is MeMe today? Is the medicine helping her stomatitis?

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