I found an article about FIP.  Yep, it sounds like he has that too.  At this 
point Laurie I doubt it matters.  The vet said we are giving him palliative 
care until we can do no more to help him.  The other 19 year old and BooBoo 
have no contact with one another.  Lennie lives downstairs and has no desire 
anymore to go upstairs and BooBoo lives upstairs by choice.  So I'm not 
concerned about him being contageous no matter what he has.  

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  If FIP, it can be contagious.
  I'd ask about it.
  He may not have other consistent symptoms.
  Being a nurse is exhausting...even more so when you love the patient.
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    Yes Laurie, Bob is a wonderful guy. He's a pretty easy going person but has 
shed tears over this too.  I don't even know about FIP.  All I know is they did 
a blood test first time they saw him and said he was positive for feline 
leukemia.  I'll read up on it.  The vets told us this morning that he is a very 
brave little guy.  He doesn't even flinch at the vets.  They can do anything 
they want to him and he doesn't fight them, just me when it comes to giving 
pills.  We were given a demonstration of how to do it and the vet had us give 
him his antibiotic.  Nothin to it.  Apparently he is not suffering.  I took him 
upstairs when we got home and he ran downstairs after us wanting to eat down 
here, then he did his stair scratching thing and went back up, like nothing 
happened today.  I wish some of our whiney hypochondriac patients could take a 
lesson from him.  I'm in a miserable mood today.  I shouldn't have said that 
but I do mean it.  Funny thing is the draining tprocedure is the cheapest part 
of the treatment.  I could live with that.  Unfortunately we needed the drugs 
today and got them there.  Otherwise I can get this stuff for peanuts at the 
pharmacy across the hall at work.  
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      Bob sounds like a wonderful husband for an animal lover/rescuer! Lucky 
BooBoo to have you both...and THREE docs!
      I almost hate to ask this...could this be FIP? Has anyone mentioned that?
      My friend's cat had FIP and she had to take him about once a week to have 
his lungs drained.
      Pls keep us posted. The good news is he does not seem to be in distress 
or pain. That is a blessing in this otherwise difficult time.
      Prayers continuing.
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        Well we're home again.  BooBoo had another 75ccs taken out of his lungs 
today.  Not only did his regular vet come in to see him, a third vet was there. 
 BooBoo has become quite the celebrity.  They're now sending a sample for 
culturing and cytology to see if there are any cancer cells present.  Nothing 
is going well for us.  However, when he got home he ate a big lunch and we put 
him to bed with the window open for fresh air and he was purring like crazy.  
He's now on another antibiotic and will continue on the lasix for another week. 
 Both the vets kissed him on top of his little head before we left.  This third 
vet was very kind, the other two are as well but this one told us lets see what 
we're dealing with when the cytology report comes back and we'll go from there. 
 He didn't dismiss the interferon but said we're basically doing palliative 
care here and our goal is to keep him comfortable.  The fluid aspiration seems 
to help but it will continue.  All three of these vets are East Indian and 
lovely caring men but I hate to admit that when they are giving details of what 
is going on I have a bit of a problem with the accents.  He said something 
about protein spilling and I couldn't understand the rest.  Of course I am 
always kind of overwhelmed with sadness I don't grasp the whole picture.  On an 
up side, Bob mentioned on the way home that he doesn't even care about the 
money part of this.  He thinks these 3 vets are becoming more educated in the 
care of these animals and he doesn't mind at all paying for something that may 
benefit another cat in the future.  I guess that's a good thing too.


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