You really need to start thinking about getting him Pred.  It doesn't matter 
WHAT it is that it affecting him, but whatever it is, it is bad.  He has fluid 
in his lungs and he can't be comfortable with the aspirations.  The Pred will 
increase his quality of life and make him more comfortable (not "cure" him).  
You need to start thinking about Palliative Care if you want to fully do right 
by BooBoo and Pred is the best for that.  If BooBoo turns out to be a miracle 
cat and fights all this off and rallies, the Pred will not have hurt him at all.

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Well if it isn't FIP, what could it possibly be ?  And if it isn't, and there 
is no bacterial infection in the sample sent off is it just another 
complication of feline leukemia? What kind of treatment is there for 
accumulation of fluid on the lungs other than what we're doing now.  The vet 
told me today this is the second case like this he's seen this week.  I 
truthfully don't believe these vets would deliberately withhold any kind of 
treatment if they thought it would work.  They know that we are prepared to try 
just about anything that would possibly be helpful to him.  I don't plan to 
give up on the little guy and am still reading up on other treatments but 
everything I have read so far says these animals are doomed.  I have yet to 
come across any medical information that says they can live a long and healthy 
life.  I'm not giving up on the Interferon or Prednisolone.  I also can't be 
putting this poor animal through weekly lung aspirations forever.  I can see 
complications arising from that as well.

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Any vet that tells you this is a quack ... period!!!!
he has FIPFIP can ONLY be diagnosed with an autopsy so Boo will not get treated 
now for what he really has, I hate vets that tell people that.   There are many 
things that mimic FIP, but once the dreaded FIP word is mentioned the cat is 
doomed to die because the vet looks no further.  It sounds to me like your vet 
is tired of trying to figure out how to treat Boo and this is his way out ... 
so sad for Boo ...-- 

happiness is being owned by cats ...

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