Belinda, he was on Lasix 20 mg a day, in divided doses.  The vet told me
yesterday to just give him 10 mg a day as he doesn't want to dehydrate him.
Are you referring to Spironolactone?  I haven't mentioned that yet but maybe
it could be of benefit.  From what I understand the fluid buildup is in the
lungs but I'm not sure that is the case.  I think it is surrounding the
lungs and the pressure of the buildup causes the difficulty in breathing.
You're probably right, my vet is giving up on BooBoo because he knows the
ultimate results and may even be trying to spare me additional sadness.  As
for the blood vessels leaking protein,, I don't know what he means by that.
There was fibrous material in the fluid and protein but no bacteria.  I
don't know if I'm being paranoid but we thought he was kind of overly warm
last night and he still is on his antibiotic so why a fever.  I will call
today and mention the Spironolactone and pretend to know what I'm talking

Thanks for your advice Belinda.
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>     Lynne,
>    What is his lasix dose?  Have you asked about being on spiro, darn I
> can't think of the name but it is used with lasix if lasix isn't doing
> the trick.  I belong to a feline heart group and many cats are on it
> with lasix, it worked when lasix alone didn't.  Is the fluid in his
> lungs or outside his lungs?  I'm asking questions on the vet list I'm on
> maybe they'll see something here everyone is missing.
> What exactly does your vet mean by his blood vessels are leaking, I seem
> to remember my vet mentioning something like this when Bailey was anemic
> that this was possible, I don't remember what she called it.
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