Still waiting for answers on the vet list. Some vets are afraid to use spiro and lasix togehter but I know many cats on the heart list who didn't benefit from lasix alone and are doing well being on both. Many advanced heart kitties have fluid biuld up and the spiro and lasix are keeping them going.

Poor Boo, he has been through so much in such a short time. And just to clarify, I am not saying Boo doe not have FIP, he may very well but since FIP is not 100% diagnosable in a living cat and there are many things that mimic FIP I go crazy when a vet says FIP and stops looking. And something that drives me even crazier is when the cat does die the people don't have a necropsy done, how does that help anyone? If it's FIP then they could have peace of mind if it isn't they will know what it is and if any of there other cats or someone else going through the same thing with a cat could benefit from that knowledge. Of course they are going to feel bad because it wasn't FIP but atleast let the death help another kitty.

You may have guessed I'm pretty hard core when my cats get sick I will try everything until it is obvious to me there is nothing more to do and I know many people would quit long before I do but that is just how I am. If I think there is even the slimmest chance even if the cat is at deaths door, I will keep trying, only because I have had cats that sick and brought them back. I want the same thing done with me. I do believe in miracles, once your dead there ain't going to be any miracles then.


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