Join [EMAIL PROTECTED] now.  This is most likely what my Brumley died from, if 
you want to go back and read my posts from the archives.  FIP is complicated 
and very very very difficult for, shall I say, run-of-the-mill vets to 
diagnose.  So you need this group's support and expertise now.  Some people on 
this site have had experience with FIP, but the real knowledgeable people are 
on this yahoo group.  I am a member.  One of the current theories is that it 
may actually be vaccination or over vaccination and/or vaccination of an 
already immune compromised cat that causes the corona virus to mutate into FIP 
in an individual cat.  It's an inappropriate immune response.  Some people 
think there's been an influx of recent FIP cases and they are looking into the 
pet food recalls and poisonings of late as a possible contributing 
factor/cause, hence the tie in with the importance of a great diet which the 
FIP group seems to be leading the charge on.
I too when thru the same thing of wanting to blame someone with Brumley, 
however, right now there is just not enough known about FIP and there seems to 
be so many inexplicable things and unknown, maybe even not preventable factors 
that could cause it.  There's just so many unknowns.  So all you can really do 
for now is join this yahoo group and I promise, you will immediately gets lots 
of support and answers if you start asking questions right away.

From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: more bad newsDate: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 
15:45:05 -0500

Well just when you think it can't get any worse it does.  BooBoo's cytology 
came back today and he has FIP as well as feline leukemia.  There was no 
bacteria in it. There is nothing left for us to do for him.  There was no 
bacteria in the culture, just protein and fibres, because his blood vessels are 
leaky.  The vet says all we can do is make him comfortable and at this point it 
is all about quality of life.  He will continue to drain his lungs every week 
to 10 days and keep him on this antibiotic until it is finished and only Lasix 
once a day, which I guess does nothing for this lung fluid.  If he becomes 
worse, ie he has to have the fluid drained more frequently then we will have to 
do the obvious.  We will put on a good face for our dear boy and do everything 
we can to keep him with us as long as we can but it isn't looking too good at 
the moment.  The vet said they had another cat in this week that tested 
positive for FIP but not leukemia.  He said BooBoo has been hit with a double 
blow and unfortunately the end is near.  I don't know if the Factor stuff will 
make it here before Boo dies but I'm trying to be realistic here now and face 
the inevitable.  My husband and I are horribly sad about this but I'm getting 
angry now at these criminals who owned him and lied to me about his being 
healthy and vaccinated.  We have several top notch lawyers in our practice who 
like me a lot and would do me a favor if I asked.  I'm seriously considering 
consulting with one of them when this tragedy is over.
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