You can order ImmunoRegulin yourself - that's what I've done. Vet can of course get it. I ordered it from and they also sell it thru


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Oh boy, I'm sorry I opened Pandora's box here. Thank you Karen. I will call you this evening and thank you for the distributor number. Is Immune Regulin readily available to vets everywhere? These guys blood panels are awful. Some of these little guys have come back FeLV-. I've had them vaxed for FeLV. I know they need retesting but it gives me a bit of hope. The vet says he's found that the vax isn't very good and that it works about 40% of the time. Another vet said it works up to 70% so who knows. It's the best I can do. I'm very worried about two of these little ones that are really sick - the one who had the severely infected mouth still is coughing and sneezing and some diahrea although the Neorase and probiotics help somewhat. The other little guy is about 2 and also has a heart murmur. He has spurts of energy but mostly rests. His URI is so stubborn, and he's still pussy despite all efforts so far. My own little guys are starting to feel the strain and my HCM guy is having some problems as are a few others, and I'm getting weary.

Lynne, my heart goes out to you. I'm sorry BooBoo is so very ill. I also would highly recommend the FIP group and the Australian FIP group. They are very knowledgeable.

The first website I checked out was the Cornell one. Does anyone know of any informative websites? One thing that doesn't make sense to me is to bleach everything and then ONLY vacuum carpets. Carpets are known to harbor pathogens. Anyway, it seems conflicting but like I said I don't know anything about this.

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