Sally Davis wrote:
Hi Lance and all you great parents,
Junior took his last breath at the vet's today with assistance. I would like to say it went well, but his body was shutting down. The sedative did not calm him. I called the vet back into the room to go ahead and stop his misery. His veins were not cooperating. She had to stick him 4 times that last time she got a smaller needle.(Not her fault, it was the end). Junior had a heart murmur and that is what was going on. I was not going to prolong his misery by heroics. Heroics kept him alive for two years, and that is my greatest gift. Please light a candle for my precious baby. My heart is breaking. Send Junior to the CLS list with his brother Tiny who left me Christmas day a year ago. I will share what I can about this horrible disease. Love Sally

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    Junior will be in my prayers. I'm really sorry to hear he isn't doing


    On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 08:12:42 -0400, "Sally Davis"
    > Junior is having much difficulty breathing. I am taking him into his
    > original vet meaning more money, but they are the only hospital
    > now. I gave him a prenisone. His lungs sound horrible. I feel I
    ma saying
    > goodbye. Please pray for him.
    > Sally

My sympathies to you and your loss.

He is with my FELV cat Elric Whiteybone, the end can come so quickly, and so unexpected.


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