check the archives, because it HAS been discussed--hemobart is one of those
things that seems to really be regional. one of my vets says that in the
past five years, a much higher than 50 percentage of cats in this area are
testing positive. are the tests just done more often? are they better tests?
or is it really more of a problem? she and i both feel it's probably all of
the above....

i expect that you'll find a whole lot more info on the web now that when i
first encountered it in a non-FeLV cat back in 2000; in fact, i think
they've just changed its name--research published this week and noted in the
winn feline foundation rss feed.....

if i forget to remember to send the link in the next day or so, someone
please remind me!

if anyone has access to medline or pubmed, and can get us .pdf copies of
professional vet articles, there has been a lot of really neat stuff that's
come out in the past months--not all of it applicable to FeLV, tho some of
it is. i can get hard copies, but then i have to scan them, etc--and since
it's a friend doing me the favor of using her account, well, i can't very
well say, "um, change the format, please....."


On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 4:45 PM, Amy Weygandt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I really haven't been very active on this group over
> the past couple years so I'm not sure whether this has
> been discussed or not.  I have a young child in my
> home and this year my vet recommended having my leuk
> positive cats tested for Bartonella.  They are seen
> every 6 months for full blood work ups.  I have 5 cats
> that have been here for several years and have never
> had fleas in our home but tested anyways.  Three have
> been tested so far and two came back positive and are
> on medication for 21 days.  The other two are being
> tested next week.
> Just wanted to mention this as my cats have always
> seemed healthy other than some mild gingivitis.  Even
> my one cat with perfect teeth and gums tested
> positive.  My vet said she just started testing for
> this recently and they are seeing tons of positive
> cases, almost 50% of those being tested are positive.
> Do any of you have vets that have recommended this
> testing?  My vet is a dear friend and would never
> recommend something just to make money.  She was just
> concerned because of our child and cat scratch fever.
> Wanted to make sure others are aware that this disease
> seems to be fairly common now as many of us take in
> rescues, strays, etc.  That's how I got all mine and
> I'm guessing they have had this all along :(  I feel
> bad I didn't test sooner.
> Amy
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