Wow, she's a light positive. I don't know how old she is, but I have no doubt what I would do. I'd leave the kit with her mom and bubba, and retest at some point. She's already with them, so they're already exposed. Moving is stressful. Light Positive can mean that the test results aren't correct and it needs to be redone; or that she's been exposed to the virus and is mounting a defense against it, or whatever. If she was an adult I'd start interferon, but probably not as a kitten. I'm sure you'll get some other ideas too!

Best wishes, and thanks for rescuing the FELV positives...


At 11:27 AM 3/28/2008, you wrote:
OK- I volunteer for a rescue and care for cats in my home. I already have my own two girls who live in the main home that our FELV positive. I have been taking care of a mom and 2 kittens and then one other cat. They live in a spare room I have converted into a cat room full of toys, a cat tree, and everything they could need. Yesterday, mom and kits had their big day at the vet. Here's the dilemma. Jill, one of the kits, tested a light positive for FELV. Her brother and mother didn't. The other cat was previously tested. Mom and brother have been vaccinated and the other cat is being vaccinated today. The kits are about 12 weeks old now- this is estimated because they were dumped in the country. What do I do w/ everyone? Do I keep people separate or since they are vaccinated they are okay? I don't have immediate homes for anyone right now so I am it. Do I let Jill down w/ my girls or what if she's negative---I haven't had my girls retested...what if they are negative? Any advice would be great! Thanks everyone!

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