Good luck and all best wishes for today, Sue---my prayers are with you
and Buzz.

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Hello everybody,
Today after work I will take Buzz to have his first re-test since he was
diagnosed positive for FeLV.  I am trying not to hope too much, but
there is a bottle of champagne in the fridge if he turns out negative.
Tuna for Buzz - I don't think he likes champagne.
Meanwhile he has been released from his room and is socializing with the
other cats.  I did some of the things the people in this group
recommended and that probably helped. All went well until a couple of
days ago when some electricians came to our house.  He really freaked!
He hid for 8 hours after they were gone.  His fear probably had
something to do with the abuse he received as a kitten.
Anyway, if anyone would care to say a prayer for my little kitty it sure
would be appreciated.

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