The first test Buzz had was negative, when my brother still had him.  That was 
last fall.  When my vet re-tested him in January he was positive. (They did 
both the in-office test and a blood test afterwards.)  If he tests positive 
tonight I will not re-test him until just before the other cats get their 
boosters next year.

---- MaryChristine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

sending GLOW that buzz tests negative, of course!

sharyl, i have learned never to retest until it's been 120-days, the
generally-considered time for the virus to work itself out of a kitty's body
(tho there used to be a reference in the merck to one cat that stayed
positive on the ifa for seven or eight months before converting--i never
kept the citation, and it hasn't been in the current pages for awhile
now.)--if i do it before that time, it just means i'm gonna retest at the
designated time anyway, just to be sure--and it saves money to wait,
too..... (first time i had to test everyone in the house, after a cat who'd
tested negative on a shelter saliva test--oy, was I young and innocent then
died from complications of FeLV, i did it like at 90 days..... and then
found out it might have been too early..... if my vet hadn't gently
suggested that i not worry, and just wait to see if anyone became syptomatic
and THEN test, i would have repeated it for all the furkids in a month.....
as i've said before, that was 8 years in july, and i'm still waiting for
symptoms to show up.


On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 1:12 PM, Sharyl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Sue,
> Fingers and toes crossed for Buzz today.
> I had Rocket retested Tuesday when I took her in to be spayed.  Still
> positive after 8 weeks on lactoferrin and DMG.  We just started the Mega C
> Plus and will test again in a few months.  Wish the darn test didn't cost
> $46.  Since Rocket was still positive I didn't waste my money testing
> Sissy.
> If Buzz has given the electrician a paws down I'd listen to him.
> Saying a prayer for you and Buzz.
> Sharyl Sissy and Rocket
> *Sue Koren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>* wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Today after work I will take Buzz to have his first re-test since he was
> diagnosed positive for FeLV. I am trying not to hope too much, but there is
> a bottle of champagne in the fridge if he turns out negative. Tuna for Buzz
> - I don't think he likes champagne.
> Meanwhile he has been released from his room and is socializing with the
> other cats. I did some of the things the people in this group recommended
> and that probably helped. All went well until a couple of days ago when some
> electricians came to our house. He really freaked! He hid for 8 hours after
> they were gone. His fear probably had something to do with the abuse he
> received as a kitten.
> Anyway, if anyone would care to say a prayer for my little kitty it sure
> would be appreciated.
> Sue
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