My experience with leukemia positive kittens has been that they do not live 
more than two or three months.  Hobbs' much longer life is no doubt due to the 
love and great care by those who touched him after he was rescued.  You should 
all be proud of what you did for him.  My condolences to all who loved him...
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  Thank you everyone, for your kind thoughts.

  Hobbs was just over a year old, they were about 6 weeks old when we found 
them mid-April of 2007.

  I am wondering what others' experiences have been with kittens born with 
leukemia, and how long they have lived.

  Thank you all for your prayers for Sissy and Jann as well--they sure need 
them right now.

  Wishing peace to our sweet boy, I am so thankful that he did have the happy 
life & unlimited love that he did.


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