Laurie, I totally agree with you about herpes and stress level.  I told you 
folks about the rescued Persian, Snowy, I adopted.  She was a very sick girl 
for 2 months and the foster mom got her healthy.  Her eyes were swollen shut 
and she also had a URI.  Since we've had her we have done everything humanly 
possible to make her life happy and stress free and she is absolutely thriving. 
 Her one eye apparently has a bit of scarring but you would never know this 
poor little thing ever had a problem.  We have had to delay her spaying because 
we discovered she had a toenail that had grown into her pad and needed surgery. 
 She was so hysterical at the vets that she needed to be sedated.  There was 
fear of her losing her one pad but she's recovered beautifully and on her 
return visit to the vet he was amazed that new skin was growing and after two 
weeks now there is a very small black scab left.  She also was a perfect little 
lady at the return visit unlike the first time when the vet referred to her as 
a very bad kitty.  Good diet and a stress free life are so important to these 
cats.  She is now on L-lysine as a supplement as you suggested.  I don't know 
if she really needs it but it certainly doesn't hurt.  I so hope things 
continue to go as well as they have for her.  She seems to be the happiest, 
most playful cat we've ever had.

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  Welcome Laura and Laura! L- lysine is great for herpes. You might want to 
join the feline herpes group, too. Those kitties can have eye and mouth 
problems. Winston (probable herpes) also has unexplained high fevers and 
anorexia on rare occasions - it is touch and go at those time. For herpes, the 
main thing to to keep their stress level low (for FeLV, too).

  The feline acne group has lots of info on allergies (the fur loss could be 
allergies or stress grooming). 

  Check out for food info. This site belongs to a veterinarian 
who also does rescue. She likes Wellness and suggests the grain free diets. The 
best food I have found for mine is Petguard turkey and barley lite. All five 
like it and all seem to be thriving on it. Of course, it does have grains. I 
feed it because Frankie had panreatitis and needed a low fat food.

  Good luck and I hope others may have more insight into your combination of 
  (ps my Frankie is blind)
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          I'm posting for Laura because she can't subscribe, list problems, Jim 
is working on them.  You can post on the list to answer she is going to read 
the archives for answers!  Her message is below:


    Hi All,

    I've tried subscribing to this list but for some reason the form won't go 
through.  I've sent an e-mail to the list holder.  I figured for now, I'll just 
read from the archives but would like to introduce myself to you all :)

    My name is Laura, I live in Jersey and currently have 7 wonderful kitties.  
My newest family member is FeLV+, 2 years old, and also named Laura, (I'll fill 
you in on that in a bit) she is blind (very bad herpes infection as a kitten) 
has one bad eye and the other was removed last year.  

    Her background: About 2 years ago my neighbor and I had to "clean up" a 
colony down the street from us of about 50 cats and kittens, we had them all 
"fixed", some were TNR'd and the adoptables were given to a local rescue to 
find homes.  I fostered all the kittens except 2 which who went straight to my 
vets office since they had eye issues, and I knew the rescue I deal with would 
not take them and try to place them.  The kittens were named Laura and Dave, 
and tested Neg for FeLV.  About a 3rd of this colony tested Pos, so we knew it 
was in the colony...but all the kittens were testing Neg.

    I ended up keeping one of the kittens (Rusty) and had him tested 3 times, 
because one of the kittens we adopted out later tested positive when the family 
vet tested her.    Anyway, Laura and Dave lived at my vets for the past 2 years 
with several other cats.  My vet took Dave home several months ago and Laura 
started having problems with a new cat that was bullying her.  I found out 
about it and offered to take Laura, since I already have a blind cat and have 
no problem with it.

    I brought her home and put her in a room with a screen door, so she could 
smell my other cats and get to know them without any issues, plus I work long 
hours and didn't want her wandering around my house unsupervised yet.  My vet 
had sent out an IFA test for Laura just to be sure she was Neg, at my request.  
Well, it came back positive.  She then did snap tests on cats that were living 
with Laura and 2 were also positive (ironically the bully is pos too).  She 
also tested Dave who is living with her and he was pos.  

    So, for now I'm keeping Laura in her own room with the screen door, I also 
put up a baby gate so that she can't dart out when I go in and out of the room, 
that would be disastrous when I'm leaving for work at 5:30 am....I just don't 
have time.  Aside from the FeLV, Laura also has herpes, and has lots of bald 
patches which my vet thinks is from the stress of living with the bully.  I'm 
not so sure, so I put her on Wellness instead of the crappy fancy feast she was 
eating to see if it might be food related?  I don't know, I'm hoping in time, 
she'll settle in and her fur will grow back, she is a beautiful tortie.

    That's our story, sorry so long!  I just wanted to say hello and ask if you 
all had any advice, especially when it comes to food for these kitties....Since 
I have Laura confined, I can feed her anything.  I'm going to start putting 
L-lysine in her food for the herpes but is there anything else I should be 
giving her?  I don't want to throw too much at her at once, her stools are 
lovely and I don't want to mess that up, and also want to see how her coat 
reacts to these small changes.

    Thanks in advance~!


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