Heather I am so sorry to hear that Hobbs had to leave.my beautiful Maizee Grace 
was born with felv.I found out when she was 8 months old.she only made it to 15 
months.I had her since she was just 5 weeks old.Every case is different.My 
Maizee ended up with lymphoma and had chemo that helped her to be with me for 
that extra 6 months.She taught me so much and I will NEVER for get my baby 
girl. :)
  Please let Hobbs family know that they are in my thoughts and many hugs to 

Heather Wienker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
    Thank you everyone, for your kind thoughts.
  Hobbs was just over a year old, they were about 6 weeks old when we found 
them mid-April of 2007.
  I am wondering what others' experiences have been with kittens born with 
leukemia, and how long they have lived.
  Thank you all for your prayers for Sissy and Jann as well--they sure need 
them right now.
  Wishing peace to our sweet boy, I am so thankful that he did have the happy 
life & unlimited love that he did.

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