I'm so sorry to hear of Hobb's passing.
I have two, one year old FeLV+ cats and my heart breaks a little every time
I hear of the loss of one of these precious babies.

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> I am very sad to let everyone know that Hobbs passed away Sunday afternoon
> at 12:48 p.m.
> His caregiver, Jann, woke up Saturday and dashed around to replenish
> supplies....but when she got home he was clearly declining.   She felt he
> was suffering and made the decision on Sunday to cease force feedings as he
> was obviously in pain.   She did keep his mouth moist and tried to keep him
> warm, mostly just allowing him to do whatever he wanted or could.   She took
> a sleeping bag in her spare room & slept with him Saturday night, and spent
> Sunday morning in her yard with him in the sun, petting and consoling him.
> We had been trying to find a vet to come to her home, but he ended up
> passing on his own...which we are grateful for, though she fears she allowed
> him to suffer.   I think had we not tried the treatments of this last week,
> we would be wondering if he might have had more time.
> Please add Hobbs to the Candle Light Service, and keep Jann and his sister
> Sissy in your prayers, they were "two little peas in a pod", as Jann would
> say.  Hobbs was a year old.   I am very thankful to Jann for giving Hobbs &
> Sissy the chance to live the life of love that all kitties deserve,
> regardless of what is in their blood.   We found them when, after 20 years
> in the same building on a busy university campus, I moved to a new office on
> the other side of campus.   I was very nervous about this decision and kept
> telling everyone I wished that I'd get a "sign from God".   Upon moving, I
> had 2 injured feral cats colonies in the first two weeks, and also was
> approached by a new coworker regarding an injured cat, who was Hobbs' and
> Sissy's Mom.   She had an eye & ear injury and my heart immediately told me
> I had to help her; we did not know she was a nursing Mom.   I had been told
> she was declawed, and that they'd caught her 6 months prior along with a
> kitten of hers (negative), she also was not injured then.   Why she was put
> back out unspayed, I will never know unless it was because they thought she
> might have more kittens.   When I trapped her, she was not declawed but was
> positive for FELV, FIV, and a nursing Mom.   I really feel that Mama, Sissy,
> Hobbs, Mickey & Sebastian were that sign from God I'd sought, as they would
> either still be out there reproducing and likely ill, or would have been put
> down due to testing positive for Leukemia had someone else trapped them.
> I set out to find/trap the kittens and found out that 2 ladies had already
> found 2 of them, I had to give them the news of the Mom' testing status.
> Both of their kittens were weak double+, but did clear the FIV.   Initially
> Sissy and Hobbs were only FIV+, but they retested positive for Leukemia a
> month later, confirmed by retesting twice.
> I was so upset by all that this Mom kitty had been through, and knowing
> that much of it--including this litter of kittens with leukemia, could have
> been prevented had she been spayed...there was no way I could not give them
> their chance.   However, being in a small condo with 10 cats, I didn't even
> have room for another negative cat.   It is Hobbs' caretaker, Jann, who gave
> Hobbs and Sissy the chance for life and love that they deserved, and I know
> they could not have had a more loving home.   I am very grateful for Jann,
> and know she is hurting badly right now.
> I want to thank everyone for their kindness, support, advice and
> prayers.   Hobbs was a very special boy, when I first took them to Jann's as
> kittens she said she felt an instant connection, she has always told me
> this.   His illness and loss has been very hard for her and she has been
> very appreciative of the support.   Thank you all for giving these special
> kitties love for the time that they have here, it means everything in the
> world for them.
> In Loving Memory of Hobbs,
> Heather

Beth Gouldin

God Bless!!!

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