Dear Heather,
I am so sorry that Hobb's has passed.  Thank you and Jann for all you have
done for him and his sister Sissy.  I rescued a litter of 5, mom tested
negative on the Elisa, very sick runt tested Felv+ right away (7 wks old),
after a brief rally we lost her to suspected FIP at 12 weeks.  One of her
brothers tested Felv+ a few weeks later, he turned 2 in April and is a
healthy, hyper, head-butting joy.  No problems since the fever that caused
us to retest him.
Hoping that Sissy has a similar strength and graces Jann's life for a long


On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 5:04 PM, Heather Wienker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Thank you everyone, for your kind thoughts.
> Hobbs was just over a year old, they were about 6 weeks old when we found
> them mid-April of 2007.
> I am wondering what others' experiences have been with kittens born with
> leukemia, and how long they have lived.
> Thank you all for your prayers for Sissy and Jann as well--they sure need
> them right now.
> Wishing peace to our sweet boy, I am so thankful that he did have the
> happy life & unlimited love that he did.
> Heather

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