Sherry, every time you held him he knew he was loved.  Bless you for caring.

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I tried to send this Wednesday the 9th but it never went throgh.
First of ll thank you all soo much for prayers and good thoughts for ALL of the 
wonderful fur babies that I havre the honor to love no matter how long or short 
of a time we have with them.
Today Dr. Jen had to let sweet wonderful Jaws have peace.This little guy won 
over everyones hearts instantly.He was brought in in bad shape after getting 
caught in a car fan.His jaw was cut to the bone and broken.He had the cutest 
crooked snaggle tooth grin.And when I woul hold him he would hug me close with 
his cute little white paws.And he would rub his face on my chin.He will be 
missed by many. :(
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