Can you have them spay her even though she is pregnant?  Anyway you  
look at it, the kittens have no future.  Some people can do this and  
others just can't.  Neither group is right or wrong.  I guess the  
question is whether it is better to lose your life kindly and gently  
or, after you are several weeks or months old, to a shelter or a car  
or a vicious dog or......  This is something you have to settle in  
your heart.  No one can tell you what is right or wrong.  I know for  
myself and many on this list have made their decisions.  Blessings to  
you for loving and caring.

On Aug 11, 2008, at 7:47 PM, Jennifer wrote:

> and the only possible father is my FeLV+ kitty, Ash.  Isobel is  
> showing signs of pregnancy (hard and protruding tummy as well as  
> pointy nipples).  She's going this Thursday to get tested for FeLV.   
> My question is, if she tests negative (which my guess is she won't  
> being that her and Ash mated), will the kittens be FeLV+ because  
> their father is FeLV+?  Also, if Isobel is pregnant and she is FeLV 
> +, does that automatically mean the kittens will be too?  I feel so  
> horrible about not getting her fixed sooner, but my money is tight  
> and I have to save up just to take them to the vet.  If she is  
> pregnant, I can't keep the kittens as we already have three and my  
> boyfriend is allergic and says no way to any more cats in the house,  
> which I understand.  If I take them to a shelter and they're  
> positive, won't they put them to sleep right away?  I don't want  
> that to happen.  I live in Southern New Jersey...anyone want more  
> kittens??  When I take her to the
> vet this week, I'll have them confirm her pregnancy.
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