I don't know the groups in Southern New Jersey (although I lived  
there many years ago) - but some group will gladly help you with  
testing and s/n.  Yes, the kittens would most likely be euthanized at  
a shelter, if FELV +.    Good chance they'd be euthanized even if  
BTW, some vets will spay a pregnant cat, depending on how far along,  
some won't.  Let us know what the test results are!

Best of luck,


On Aug 11, 2008, at 7:47 PM, Jennifer wrote:

> and the only possible father is my FeLV+ kitty, Ash.  Isobel is  
> showing signs of pregnancy (hard and protruding tummy as well as  
> pointy nipples).  She's going this Thursday to get tested for  
> FeLV.  My question is, if she tests negative (which my guess is she  
> won't being that her and Ash mated), will the kittens be FeLV+  
> because their father is FeLV+?  Also, if Isobel is pregnant and she  
> is FeLV+, does that automatically mean the kittens will be too?  I  
> feel so horrible about not getting her fixed sooner, but my money  
> is tight and I have to save up just to take them to the vet.  If  
> she is pregnant, I can't keep the kittens as we already have three  
> and my boyfriend is allergic and says no way to any more cats in  
> the house, which I understand.  If I take them to a shelter and  
> they're positive, won't they put them to sleep right away?  I don't  
> want that to happen.  I live in Southern New Jersey...anyone want  
> more kittens??  When I take her to the
>  vet this week, I'll have them confirm her pregnancy.
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