Stories like this hurt my heart.  What passes for our local humane society
(It's privately owned, an "Inc.") has a horrendous kill rate and hideously
exacting standards for adoption, which is a really bad combination.  I had
two really bad experiences, years apart, trying to adopt from them, emerging
petless, angry and humiliated, and later several other people I talked to
said they had had similar experiences, and I've heard the same kind of story
about them as what happened to this poor lady's dog.  This place has totally
lost sight of what's supposed to be the Mission, reuniting lost pets with
their owners and uniting abandoned pets with loving new owners.  The people
there seem to be on power trips to make adopters and owners of lost pets
jump through as many hoops as possible.  I work with lawyers, so I know
plenty about people going on power trips, but it's so different when there
are little lives at stake.  May Dixie and the doggie rest in peace.

Diane R.

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Lack of communication, and people not caring about their jobs. We had a
similar situation this week at the shelter where I work. A resident was
missing a dog, but she saw him on Petfinder so she knew he was at the
shelter. She called us on Monday to let us know that she'd be coming to pick
up the dog on Tuesday, since we're closed to the public on Mondays. My idiot
co-worker who answered the phone not only refused to let the woman pick up
the dog on Monday, she never even bothered to let our director know that the
dog would be reclaimed the next day. Needless to say, the family came to
retrieve their dog at 10 am Tuesday, but the dog had been euthanized just a
couple of hours before. I wasn't there on Monday, by the way, and that would
NOT have happened if I had been the one to pick up that phone call.
And sometimes even having a verbal committment from a rescue does no good.
I'll never forget Dixie, a big longhaired tortie we had last summer. She was
scheduled to be pulled....but I couldn't save her even though I insisted
that rescue was coming. 
I'm so sorry that happened. I know how horrible it feels when you try so
hard to get them out and something gets screwed up.

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> Date: Saturday, August 30, 2008, 8:50 PM Hi guys,
> I'm very sad today.  We had made arrangements to pull a blind cat and 
> a cat with a cleft palate (the kitty with the cleft palate's mom went 
> into a nursing home).  We were supposed to pick them up today.
> The shelter rescue
> coordinator called and told us they had accidentally been killed two 
> days ago.
> Apparently this shelter's policy is to immediately kill all 
> handicapped kitties.
> I still don't understand how you can accidentally kill a cat - these 
> cats were safe - they had rescue - and they were still killed.
> Kelley
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