Interesting, everything I read says the efficacy of at least 3 of the 
current vaccines is 85-90%, plus most adult cats are pretty immune 
naturally.  If the majority of the cases that died had been vaccinated I 
would have to wonder if one of several possibilities might be true; they 
were already positive when vaccinated; the vaccine protocol wasn't properly 
followed; or their tests weren't properly done.

I would also think that a vet clinic that saw 2000 cases over even a 10 year 
period was one very busy clinic, it has only been a very recent part of 
normal testing and still is not for many clinics.

I have three positive cats that are kept in their own area but I still 
vaccinate all of my negatives even though I think the chance of infection 
from my positives is pretty low.


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> Furthermore, the FeLV vaccine doesn't have a terribly high efficacy even
> now. Someone on one of these lists said she worked in a cat clinic for a
> number of years and out of the 2000 or so cases of leukemia she saw, most 
> of
> the ones who died had been vaccinated for the disease.
> Sabrina

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