Lorrie, I understand why you are upset.  Mixing positive and negative 
kitties is a very difficult decision to make.  I kept my first 2 positives 
separate from my others until they were 8 months old.  I had rescued a 3rd 
kitten who was negative.  I needed to get her through her shots including the 
leukemia vaccine before I felt comfortable letting them all mix.  I had read 
somewhere you needed to wait 30 days for the leukemia shot to be effective.  
Probably mis-info but I was afraid to take a chance. 
I have Daisy's positive babies outside in a cat enclosure.   I'm still hoping 
to find homes for them.  They are scheduled for their rabies shot and to be 
spayed/neutered Sunday.  If not the cat enclosure and attached garage may be 
their forever home.  I can manage 5 cats in the cottage but don't think I could 
handle 9.  
I wanted to make sure Sissy and Rocket were as healthy as possible before 
adding them to my brood.  It has only been a month but so far everything is 
going fine.  Some people never mix positives and negatives.
I hope you can find another home for Zing Zing.
Sharyl Sissy Rocket and Daisy's Babies.

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I wrote earlier in the week about the FelV kitten I had adopted. Then
yesterday there was a knock on the door and the people who had taken
him brought him back!    Apparently they had trouble keeping him
confined in one part of their house, as he is a very active kitten,
and their vet scared them half to death warning them about the danger
to their other two cats being exposed to this positive kitten.  She
cried when she brought him back with all the cat toys they'd bought
for him, and I felt like crying too.

I suppose the vet had to warn them, but I think he went overboard
and little Zing Zing lost a wonderful home. I'm really upset about


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