Thanks for your feedback on the FelV vaccine.  Years ago when the
vaccine first came out I heard it was not too effective, but I hoped
it had improved.  

Has anyone else had experience with the vaccine to share with me?


On 09-19, Sabrina wrote:
> Hi Lorrie, Don't give up hope! I just posted a couple of days ago
> about the two kitties I rescued who were positive just were
> retested and are now negative!! Of course I don't know if what I
> did had anything to do with changing their status, but if you are
> interested in the diet I fed them and the supplements I gave them,
> contact me offlist.
> Furthermore, the FeLV vaccine doesn't have a terribly high efficacy
> even now. Someone on one of these lists said she worked in a cat
> clinic for a number of years and out of the 2000 or so cases of
> leukemia she saw, most of the ones who died had been vaccinated for
> the disease.
> Sabrina
> Orange County, CA

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